Chepenik Financial takes pride in helping people stay alive for a lifetime. But what exactly does that mean? Well, alive means different things to different people. On this network, you’ll find news, stories and videos of people who are doing a terrific job of being alive. Plus a few little extras that we hope will inspire you to think about what being alive means to you, and what resources you will need to do it.

Think your dream is impossible? Tell it to this guy.

We love it when impossible dreams come true. Not by chance. Not by luck. But by the sheer power of will, heart and hard work. Here’s an example of a guy facing what many believed were insurmountable health challenges…and overcoming … Continued >>

A Little Lesson on Restraint

When it comes to saving for retirement, a little restraint today can lead to big rewards tomorrow. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Here’s a lighthearted look at how it feels to resist temptation (or not), and reap the … Continued >>

How To Look At Every Day A Little Differently

Here at Chepenik Financial, we consider ourselves masters of challenging the way people see things (one thing that makes us great at coming up with solutions no one else saw coming). But once in a while, we stumble across something … Continued >>

Keep Dreaming! (Here’s why.)

At Chepenik Financial, we love helping people realize their dreams. For their future, for their retirement, for their lives. But why are dreams so important? This kid tells us, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Retirement: Work no more, or work that means more?

For these Baby Boomers, retirement doesn’t mean no longer working. It means redirecting their energies toward work they love. This USA Today article profiles a few people who chose to forego retirement relaxation and embark on an “encore career” in … Continued >>

How easy is it to follow the herd?

As this hilarious video shows, it’s human nature to follow others…even when they’re doing things you don’t quite understand, as this hilarious video shows. But our favorite part is the reminder at the end. When it comes to investments, doing … Continued >>

What does happiness have to do with success?

One of the best things we love about our work is helping our clients make their employees happier. And that’s not just good for the employees. Some researchers are discovering that happiness is tied to success in a big way … Continued >>