Guess what? Employee benefits work both ways.

Here at Chepenik Financial, we work with companies large and small, established and new, and from every industry you can imagine. And one thing is clear. Whether you’re a scrappy young start-up or a long-standing member of the Fortune 1000, when your employees feel alive, your company feels it too. That’s why it’s so important to provide corporate benefits that helps employees stay healthy, fulfilled, and motivated.

Chepenik Financial develops creative, high quality and fully customized corporate benefits choices for our clients. We know that no two companies are alike. So instead of offering everyone the same package or group of packages, we ask them the same questions. What would work for your company? What would make your employees love coming to work every day? Then we take it from there.

Let’s empower your employees to build the best future possible.

We are seasoned professionals at helping organizations help their employees plan for a great future. One filled with the activities, opportunities and adventures that make them feel truly alive. Offering the best 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans and pension programs available is just the beginning. We deploy a range of innovative programs and strategies to motivate more employees to enroll in a retirement plan. And once they do, ongoing education programs teach them how making smarter financial decisions today may lead to a better life tomorrow.

Plus, as a true partner to your organization, Chepenik Financial operates as the co-fiduciary for all the plans you offer with regard to investments, and will be actively involved in several key areas of the fiduciary process. Together we will implement policies, procedures and investment practices designed to address today’s rigorous legal standards and help you manage your fiduciary responsibilities.

And while some companies pay too much for plan management without even knowing it, Chepenik Financial demands full fee disclosure from all plan providers and practices total fee transparency with our clients.
Show us a healthy team, and we’ll show you a hard-working team.

It’s simple. Employees who feel healthy, strong and valued stay with the company longer and work harder to achieve organizational goals. That’s what our health and wellness plans are all about. Providing your team members with the support and services they need to stay strong inside and out, and to feel alive, truly alive, every single day.

Chepenik Financial draws from a robust plan network with access to partners and resources across the country. Whether your company employs five people, 5,000 people or many, many more, we can help you design a comprehensive health and wellness package or selection of packages. And by leveraging our strategic business relationships with key industry partners, we will help you find a solution that is affordable, comprehensive, competitive and viable, in an effort to ensure long-term stability for you and your team.